Tips for Affordable Car Rental

Many frequent travellers prefer renting vehicles on their own instead of relying on public transport. Renting a car gives you unprecedented freedom to move around the city and is also considerably cheaper. If you are planning on renting a car for your upcoming trip, you might want to think about making plans as early as possible. Many people are under the impression that renting a car is more expensive than public transport but if you plan it accordingly, you could save a great deal of money. Here are a few basic tips for renting a car at an affordable price.

Book in Advance

The first thing you need to do is to book your car well in advance. You get a variety of advantages for booking your car in advance. Many companies that provide car rental services online use a dedicated algorithm that automatically changes the prices depending upon the date of booking and the date of delivery. If you book at least two to three weeks in advance, the company will prepare the car for you and also give you a much lower price. Once you have set the itinerary for your trip and know the dates for the trip, you should book your car in advance. If you are looking for cheap car rental in Auckland Airport, you should always book in advance. To avoid hefty premiums, you should generally add a couple of days to your overall duration to save money.

Choose a Viable Car

Another important thing that you need to consider is which car to choose. Most rental companies that offer cars on rent usually provide a variety of options ranging from smaller hatchback vehicles to larger luxury vehicles. If you are travelling with a partner or a group of three or four people, you should definitely consider a hatchback vehicle. They are small, suitable in size, and also incredibly fuel-efficient. You can save a great deal of money on the vehicle if you select a smaller, affordable car.

Look for Promotions

Plenty of rental companies offer discounts from time to time to their customers. Details of their promotional campaigns are posted online so all you have to do is keep a lookout for different promotional campaigns. You can also subscribe to their newsletters in order to remain up to date with the latest offers. Many companies offer discounts of up to 50% to customers so you could easily save a great deal of money.

There are several other ways by which you can save money on the rental. For starters, take a look at the invoice and ask them to remove any cover charges or insurance fees that they charge. Find out if your travel insurance policy provides cover for rental cars as well. You could save a great deal of money if insurance is taken out of the equation. By following these few simple tips, you could easily save a considerable amount of money on the car rental.

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