Obtaining a Prospective Marriage and a Partnership Visa Hassle-Free

International relationships are increasing in popularity. It is great that today’s advanced technology allows people from two different countries and even two different continents to form a romantic relationship. With airplanes and ships these days, traveling long distance is no problem at all. It does get complicated when the two parties are ready to live in the same country in preparation for marriage. This is where a prospective marriage visa might be appropriate.

What is a Prospective Marriage Visa?
Prospective marriage & partnership visa go hand-in-hand
; however, they are not the same thing. A prospective marriage visa is designed for people who want to move to Australia in order to marry their fiancé or intended spouse. The intended spouse is already an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Individuals must be at least 18 years old; they must have met their fiancé in person, and they must know each other well and intend to living together once married. In addition, they must meet certain health requirements.

Individuals who hold a prospective marriage visa are allowed to enter Australia before getting married. There is an understanding that having a job is important in order to pay bills, buy food, and sustain life. For this reason, these individuals are legally allowed to work in Australia. If you wish to go to school for higher education, this is also allowed. Furthering oneself through education is always encouraged. The only drawback is that those holding a prospective marriage visa are not eligible for government funding.

Those holding this particular type of visa are able travel to and from Australia anytime they want and as much as they want. The prospective marriage visa is valid for nine months. Getting legally married during this time will allow you to apply for a partner visa.

There are certain documents that must be submitted when applying. This includes a notice of intent to marry once you move to Australia, evidence of a committed relationship, statements from you, your partner, and two witnesses explaining the details of your relationship, as well as an in person interview with the Department of Immigration.

The Process of a Obtaining a Partner Visa

You must have legally married your spouse within the 9 months of your prospective marriage visa to be eligible to apply for a partner visa. There are two steps to obtaining a partner visa. The first is that you must apply for a temporary partner visa, which in turn is an application for a permanent visa.

The advantage to already having a prospective marriage visa is that the Department of Immigration will charge less for the application fee when applying for a partner visa. A temporary partner visa is granted immediately upon marriage. Permanent partner visas can take up to two years obtain. This two years is called the waiting period.

Navigating the legal waters of obtaining a permanent visa to Australia can be tricky. If you have any questions or need help with any part of the application process, the knowledgeable staff are happy to help you work your way through the process so that you can begin your new life as soon as possible.

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