Here’s Why You Need A Self-Catering Apartment In Constantine!

Constantine is an incredible village located in Cornwall, England. It is quite close to Falmouth at just 8 kms. The village gets its name from Saint Constantine, who is a Cornish saint from the 6th century. For those who want to enjoy the Cornish vacation away from the maddening crowds, this is the place to be. Don’t expect a lot of activities here, because at Constantine Bay beach, you just relax, take lazy walks and enjoy the weather. In this post, we will talk about the top reasons why you should choose stunning UK vacation rentals in Constantine instead of B&Bs and hotels.

  1. Because you need privacy. If you are at Constantine Bay beach, you don’t want to be bothered by people near you. Avoid the hotels and small guest houses that are often packed in the summer months. The vacation rentals are nicely serviced, and if you don’t want to go for all of that, self-catering cottages are quite nice.
  2. Because Cornish holidays are relaxed. People come to Cornwall because they don’t want to be bored around the popular beach destinations. Everything here is extremely laidback and easy, and you will love the idea of having a home all to yourself. Cornish holidays don’t demand you to be on your toes. Take a chair and enjoy the panoramic views from your cottage, and you will crave for more.
  3. Because you want to save money. Yes, some of the vacation rentals can be extremely expensive, but if you are staying for a long time, these may be cheaper than the standard motels. Just check online for Harbour Holidays’ Constatine Collection, and you will find a lot of options in different budgets.

  1. Because you are traveling in a group. For traveling in large groups, self-catering apartments are always a better choice in Cornwall. You can spend a considerable amount of time with your family and friends here, doing nothing. The people here are extremely welcoming, so when you are staying close to the locals, you can expect to have a perfect slice of the life here.
  2. Because you didn’t find other options. Well, in many of the villages in and around Cornwall, the choices are pretty limited in terms of hotels and guest houses. No matter whether its Constantine or even Padstow or the nearby villages, you can always find cottages and rentals at great prices.

Booking tips

If you are coming to Constantine for the first time, do your homework. The summers are always better in Cornwall, but booking self-catering apartments in advance is recommended. You wouldn’t want to take the risk of paying high prices at the last minute. The hotels are not always available, and some are pretty limited in services. As such, a private cottage may always work better. Check the pictures and talk to the agent to know if you can get a decent discount for longer stays. You can also check online to find more details and offers for certain properties that are vacant at the last minute.

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