France- World’s most popular Tourist Destination

Tourism plays a major role in a Country’s economy. There are a few countries which burn a lot of money to improve their tourism facilities in order to attract tourists and the most famous trick is renting out Luxury homes at a dead cheap price. In this article, we will tell you about the country which does it the best. It is the world’s most popular tourist destination in the world and is best known for its luxury homes in France. The architecture, the aesthetics, and even the costs look attractive.

Buckle up your seatbelt and we will fly across the amazing tourist spots in the French-speaking country.

  • Eiffel Tower

Paris, the capital city of France is also a major tourist attraction. The city is also the home to the World famous Eiffel Tower, which was initially built as the entrance to a fair. No one would have ever thought that it would turn out to be the landmark for France on the world map. This gigantic wrought iron structure is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. To get to the top level you need to be the early bird as the line might extend as long as 30 miles on a usual Monday.

  • Pyramid of Louvre

The pyramid of Louvre is one of the most famous filming locations in Pyramid. There was an epic sequence in the famous movie The Da Vinci Code which was completely shot here. Though there is a little mystery surrounding what lies under the Pyramid, there is a giant museum in there. This Museum is so large that you can spend almost 24 hours in there and end up not even seeing half of it. Some of the other popular Museums in Pairs are Holocaust Museum, the Musee D’Orageire museum, and the Sewer Museum.

  • Old Town Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a famous city in South Western part of France. This city has got a lot of historical prominences. Thanks to its mighty protectors and well-planned architecture, the city has made it to the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The major tourist attractions in the city are the Grand Theatre and the Cathedrale Saint Andre de Bordeaux. Nothing in history is sweeter than Wine. This city is famous for its wine too. So if you got some spare time, take a wine tour and you will be impressed by their massive flavors.

  • Marseille

This South Eastern city of France is also the second largest city in the country after Paris. Although it has evolved into an Industrial Hub, this metropolitan city is a major tourist attraction too. The Le Vieux Port is an amazing spot to enjoy delicious seafood. The Notre Dame de la Garde is an awesome church for budding Photographers as it has got the best views overlooking the busy city. The La Place Castellane has got few amazing fountains and cafes and is one of the best holiday destination ideas, you must visit with your loved ones.

France is one of the most popular Tourist Destinations in the world. Their mind-blowing architecture is a proof of their Historical Prominence. Their sense of responsibility to care and protect such buildings is what makes it even more beautiful.

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