Best Time to Visit Dominican Republic

If you are interested to get a natural dose of vitamin D then you can fulfill your need by visiting Dominican Republic where sun always shines on the sky. Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean island having 1000 miles of coastline and 250 miles of few top beaches of the world. If you are interested to visit this place then read further.

Best time to visit if you hate rain

The seasons in Dominican Republic are more or less consistent all throughout the year and the average temperature remains within 26 degree. However, if you want to get real enjoyment of sunshine then right time to visit this place is between December to February. If you are not interested to carry your raincoat or umbrella then avoid visiting between May to October, as during these months there are 59 inches of rainfall and climate mostly remains humid. Therefore, you will remain for very less time outside but most of the time you will have to spend your time in spa.

Are you fond of festivals?

Dominican Republic is known as festival capital of the Caribbean countries and therefore if you are fond of different festivals then this is the place to visit. The full February is Carnival season and there is huge festival celebrated for the occasion of Independence Day of the country which they obtained from Haiti in the year 1844. You will find street parties are organized in the entire island every Sunday and on the last Sunday of the month it is an all-night celebration near the seashore with processions, floats and lots of parties.

Next during the month of July and August, Festival de Merengue, that is meant for celebrating history of Dominican dance. Whole night party continues and merengue continues to flow from colmados to various bars.

Are you a nature lover?

You can find plenty of flora and fauna, mountain ranges, mangrove forests. You can also get the view of natural waterfalls or you can spot certain special birds. After the dark hour, if you want to observe the beauty of the nature then November and March are the months right for these activities. Sea birds lay eggs during these months on the beaches.

You can however your visit to Dominican Republic any time of the year as there is no great changes in the climate, however if you visit in proper time as mentioned above then your trip to this country really becomes fruitful.

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