5 Countries To Visit If You Are A Nature’s Lover

Fire, water, and ice combine to make the most spectacular scenery to visit worldwide – from mud volcanoes to crystal caves and rock formations looking like artworks. However, there are the best places you can visit duringthe festive season or with your family.

If your daily commute and office isn’t a fitting reminder of the world’s extraordinary ordinary diversity of the planet, check some inspirations from the following scenes:


If you team up with both scenic views and national parks, the country becomes a favorite destination, and you can buy your flight ticket for nature lovers. However, this Nordic country located in Northwestern Europe with plenty of mountain peaks, plummeting waterfalls, and hiking trails, Norway offers the visitors with most breathtaking sites experience in Europe.

The adoration of nature in Norway is a crucial ingredient in its national identity. More than half of the country’s population can access school arranges annual ski days, cabin and postcards from tourism industry depict nature scenes instead of the cultural attractions? The state has rugged landscape, and people also visit to enjoy many attractions and activities that the country offers like galleries, restaurants, theatres, and cinemas.


When you visit this island state of Australia, it’s a treasure trove of the natural wonders due to unique plants, animals, a rich diversity of the seas life and stunning landscapes. Tasmania being a small island to visit, you can access different environments such as vast temperate rainforests, grasslands to coastal heaths, wetlands and alpine ranges.

The natural wonderland offers a place for populations of birds, reptiles, frogs, and mammals and they are mostly in Tasmania. The plants vary in this land including ancient conifers, eucalyptus, and Fagus.

South Africa

This African country is indeed nature’s lover’s destiny because it offers diverse landscapes on this African continent. Mountains, deserts, forests, savannahs, and grasslands are among the scenes you hope to encounter. Moreover, there is an abundance of wildlife that hosts many public owned reserves, private reserves, and national parks.

After planning to have your vacation in South African, you can consider Opodo tours from Europe to the country.


The European country is by nature with a diverse and complicated country that you can’t describe using a single word. Finland’s obvious contrast is between its annual seasons. There are lakes where people swim and sail during summer will form a perfect skiing arena and skating in winter.

Reunion Island

Reunions Island, French aptly island! This Mascarene archipelago is the largest island that offers visitors with an assortment of wild summits, captivating cultural values, magnificent beaches, dramatic landscapes and pristine rainforests on 2.512 km2.

In the Island’s northern part, you find Saint-Denis which is the largest capital city for the French overseas department. However, Saint-Denis is called an old-city becoming the best city you can witness the locals daily lives.

On the other hand, it’s easy to get lost because of many things looking like museums, architectural sites and festive events taking place. It’s a city constructed with a spectacular setting between the mountain and dazzling blue Indian Ocean reminding about the island’s abundant nature.

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